Lawyer for Florida massage parlor owner says Cindy Yang did not try to sell access to Trump

Why Michelle Merson opened the Misdemeanor Clinic, P.A.

Michelle Merson, Esq. graduated from Nova Southeastern University School of Law in 1992. Working side-by-side with a prominent criminal defense attorney for the past ten years, she has been involved with virtually every type of criminal defense case. While Michelle has a broad base of experience that encompasses all aspects of criminal law, she has chosen to focus her practice on only misdemeanors. Why? “My experience has shown me that misdemeanor cases are routinely not given the priority they deserve,” Michelle explains. “I feel a need to provide these often forgotten clients with a high level of personal service and attention.”

Because she realizes that a person charged with a misdemeanor is just as scared as a person charged with a felony, Michelle treats each misdemeanor case with the utmost importance.

“I am committed to taking great care of each of my clients,” Michelle says. “I grew up in the South where compassion, respect and listening to others is second nature.  I bring those values to bear on my relationships with my clients."

Though the majority of her cases are in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade, she has also effectively represented clients in other Florida counties with favorable resolutions.

Michelle is now a board member of Florida association of women lawyers south palm beach county chapter .

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