Speedy, Conscientious, and Caring
Never having to experience any immediate and concerning legal issues in the past, I was fortunate to find attorney Ms. Michelle Merson. She made me feel instantly at ease with my situation as she was extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful. Her attentive nature and swift actions made my case as painless as can possibly be, allowing the experience to now be a thing of the past. The comfort in knowing that there are lawyers like Ms. Merson out there who are ready to fight for you, and do so with honesty and integrity has me know that she will always be my family’s “go to” lawyer in times of need.  -Amy

Michelle has a total understanding of the laws as they apply, she has always done what she said she would do, and has kept me informed of the process and progress whenever needed. -Bobby

Finding the right Defense
I have used Michelle Merson's legal services. I live in Palm Beach County Florida. She came highly recommended by people in the community. She undoubtably helped me with a very sensitive legal matter. Her professionalism, intelligence and knowledge guided me through my situation. I highly recommend using her services, everything she commits to she delivers. I would advise hiring her when in legal need. Wonderful experience and a very rewarding outcome .  -Robin

Simply the best out there!
Simply the best out there! I had heard about Ms. Merson's work through a number of people in the Boca Raton area that she had helped, so when a friend of mine got into a little bit of trouble and reached out to me for help, I immediately thought of Ms. Merson. My friend was a newbie to the legal system and was scared out her mind and afraid to talk to any attorneys! I finally convinced her to meet with Ms. Merson and she was retained on the spot! Her caring, compassion and understanding were exactly what my friend needed to get her through this difficult situation. Thankfully, Ms. Merson was able to get the charges dropped and was even able to expunge the record so that there wasn't even a record of her arrest at all! Gone completely!! Now she doesn't have to worry about leasing an apartment or applying for a job. Ms. Merson worked miracles and we were so thankful to have heard about her.  -Kate


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