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I have been practicing criminal defense for a long time, and over the years I’ve been saddened to see repeat offenders cycle back through the legal system – clients I have successfully defended only to see them get into trouble again, due to drug or alcohol addiction. I now take a more holistic approach with my practice and work with my clients to make sure they get the help they need beyond their legal troubles.

Michelle Merson, Esq.

Misdemeanor Clinic as part of your Recovery Program

Recovering from addiction is a life-long and difficult process, and requires a support system of compassionate friends and family. Qualified professional help is crucial – but finding just the right mental health provider or center can be difficult. And all too often people struggling with addiction also find themselves facing legal woes that can compromise their journey back to health. If you or a loved one are dealing with addiction, Michelle is aware of all of the issues you face – and is prepared to help you fight for sobriety as well as your legal rights.

As an experienced attorney, Michelle understands the legal problems that an addiction can create. Substance abuse can have a major impact on your current and future employment, ability to drive, housing options, and relationships. You may need help navigating diversion programs, probation, or court-mandated treatment programs.

Michelle can help you deal with these and other legal challenges. More importantly, Michelle can be a part of your overall recovery process. As a member of the Florida Addiction Professionals Referral Association, she can help connect you with highly qualified professionals for a treatment plan suited to your situation and needs.

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